My Life in the USA as a Cultural Exchange Educator(part 1) New Photos!

Cultural Exchange Educator Badge- VIF Alumni Program-International Teacher Sign
In 2001, I applied to V.I.F., Visiting International Faculty Program, now Participate based in Chapel Hill, NC, one of the most important Cultural Exchange Programs in the United States that hires teachers from all over the globe. Fortunately, I was selected and placed in a High School to teach Spanish and, for a second time, to teach ESL/ESOL in another other High School and a Middle School between 2005 and 2008. Outcome: my family and I lived in the USA for six years.

"...Red, White and Blue..."
My badge at school

I joined VIF Local Advisor Program in 2002.

Christmas Parade in Salisbury, North Carolina, USA 2002

Yearbook Pictures at ERHS
Raider Pride (SRHS) and Mustang Pride (ERHS)
Although at the beginning it was really tough: especially to get settled, find your place, get used to society, new tastes and flavors, even smells and scents, or find local stores to buy the kind of food you like, it was an absolutely enriching and unforgettable experience, for I had the chance to broaden my horizons and perspectives through living and working in an American environment, meeting people from different parts of the world, making friends, sharing Argentina’s culture and traditions with almost everyone in town, traveling and learning more about American culture, attitudes and beliefs. I have acquired teaching skills I never imagined I was going to develop,  I got used to working with challenging students, diversity in the classroom and differentiated instruction; as far as levels and cultures is concerned, and also enhancing multiple intelligences. 
I am confident that my combination of practical work and solid educational experience has prepared me for making a positive contribution wherever I go. 
My status as Cultural Exchange Ambassador and International Teacher, has opened my mind very significantly and gave me unforgettable opportunities to be in contact with multinational professionals, educators and students: Cuban, Hmong, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Bosnian, Mexican, Guatemalan, Serbian, Salvadorian, Chilean, Uruguayan, Ecuadorian, Honduran, Venezuelan, Colombian, Australian, SouthAfrican, Spanish, Brazilian among others.

Celebration of the Arts Festival at South Rowan High, Salisbury, Rowan Co.: My groups of ESOL students danced different Latin rhythms, TANGO included! Back in 2006

Best Tango dancers ever! Loved them so much!
My ESOL second period class: Ana, Germán, Víctor, José, Elbia, Areli, Fanny. 
Still in my heart! Miss them so much! (2005-2007)

In my private life, my achievement was huge: my husband became fluent in English by attending ESL classes at the local Community College, got certified as a Soccer referee for High School, Middle School, clubs for boys and girls. 
My now sixteen-year-old son is fully bilingual Spanish-English, he was Advanced Reader (AR) in First Grade, (lots of Pizza Hut and Subway´s gift coupons!!), A-B Honor Roll Student in Elementary and Middle School, candidate for AIG Class which he chose not to be in, and Spelling Bee winner of his 6th Grade class. 
Some time later, our five-year-old daughter was born in Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina.
City of Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC.
My children and I at Southeast Middle School, where I taught ESOL to 6th and 7th graders. (Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC)


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