New Year, New Plans Ahead

It´s been a long time since I last blogged, not because there was nothing interesting going on in my edulife, but because I spend too much time sitting and my back started to bother me. 

I have been part of exciting EduAdventures which I suggest you should also give them a try if you are a curious-minded teacher, looking for new things to try in your classes no matter what level or subject, or even school you work at:

First, I was invited by fantastic Teacherpreneur Valerie Lewis to join a superb community of amazing educators and instructional coaches called #passthescopeEdu. The group communicates in Voxer to discuss motivational topics which are broadcasted monthly every third Thursday on Periscope.

Secondly, joining EduMatch invited by its founder, amazing Sarah Jane Thomas, made me compile many of my edu-anecdotes and reflections to add to the new book EduMatch Snapshot in Education (2017) which is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback versions.

My latest innovation is that I am currently facilitating The Goal Minded Teacher:Challenges to Transform Student Learning (1st edition)   #EduGoalsMOOC created by international speaker, author, author, educator´s trainer, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, for INTEF MOOC, EDUCALAB ESPAÑA (SPAIN).
I really encourage you to take a look at the course, which is free and with very easy to achieve goals to transform your daily teaching. Come on! Join In! Sign Up! You won´t regret it!

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