Why Goal-Minded and Globally Connected? I´ve Been Edumatched and Edupassioned!

It has been a long time since my last post. Many good things have happened, though. Despite being a full time mom and educator, I have tried to be engaged in online events and share my passion for teaching. However, I must be totally honest: I really need more than 24 hours on a single day to get all done...am I being very original! Of course not!. We, fully engaged educators, don't pay much attention to the time spent doing things we like!. How can we pass on to our students in our classes all this excitement and enthusiasm? It is hard but not impossible. See for yourself!

This past July there was an amazing 24 hour online conference EdCamp Global 2016: you can check the schedule, presenters and topics just by clicking on the name. In my case, the easiest way to present all I have done in my classes along the last two years, was to Periscope. Organizers were amazing, all was fun, inspiration, motivation and passion: games and prizes were bonus features!!


The second online event I attended and presented was organized by Shelly Terrell and Sarah Thomas Edupassions Web Conference on September 3rd: presenters and passion pitches presenters were a treat! The best thing is that the whole event can be watched on You Tube
For a change, there was something that had to happen and it was that after I presented for the second round of Passion pitches, Internet was down due to power outage, so I spent almost ten minutes trying to figure out how to light my face in the dark, so I kept moving my laptop and changing seats in my house looking for the most lighted dark place. Anyway, just  listening to all the presenters and their wonderful ideas, has energized me to continue and make a last effort to finish my 2016 school year, definitely a year full of successful experiences, great connections and above all good vibes, good people as well as students, and the best PLN in the virtual world.