We Are On Air! International Project with teachers, by teachers, with students, by students TO THE WORLD!

One of the all great teachers from the 30 Goals Challenge For Educators groupTheodora Papapanagiotou,  came up with this amazing idea: she asked the teachers in the group who would like to participate in a project she may present at the TESOL in Greece: our students showing our hometown in video format. 

I obviously signed in! Argentina and its capital city Buenos Aires will be  present!

My group of pre-intermediate students loved the idea and are very excited about the new experience. First, I sent a note home telling the families what we were up to and that I needed their permission for their children to be shown on a video or a possible slide show with sound: they could either film a certain part of the town, their neighborhood, any aspect of our big city, taking into account they would be going around with a camera or phone or any expensive device, just for security reasons, which is all that matters to me.  Second, I advised them I was going to check if their speech was grammatically appropriate.
So now, we are all on it. Let´s see what happens next ... To be continued...

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