It´s All About Caring and Sharing-Revisited!

First, I need to thank Vicky Loras for inviting me to be interviewed. Why did I decide to share? Why did I agree to be interviewed and show what I do? Answers below. 

As most of the things that happened to me and the people around me, doing our daily routines without knowing if we were going to have power for 24 hours or less, was awfully stressing. It wasn´t awful to think of the answers, what was horrible was to be so engaged and willing to work, think of every answer to the wonderful interview, but not in such terrible conditions. Honestly, I was anxiously waiting for December to come, to be able to sit down and work on the interview. How naive I was!. We had the worst end of year I remember in all my life: every day was a nightmare, an empty fridge, no fans, no AC, no nothing. Nights were hot as H. Why? Answers coming soon.
Those who do not know me well, may think I am determined to be a teaching star, or become famous by talking about what I do or what I do not do in my classes. There are hundreds of teachers out there doing what I do in a much better way. My friends from Argentina have been teaching wonderfully and super creatively for years and never showed anything to anyone. 

Sharing what I do and who I am really lifts me up. I have always been open to share and learn maybe that is why I chose this profession, maybe that is why I am where I am. Blogging, studying online, posting on Facebook Groups, Twitter, by exchanging thoughts and ideas with all my friends and colleagues, growing as a connected educator, participating in debates and presenting for the the first time in my life, has helped me to overcome a huge personal crisis: frustration for being back home. Yes, it really was!. 

Being back home meant happiness to see relatives and friends anytime we wanted because we only visited them once a year in June and July. Being back home meant getting used to doing things we had done before, and living in a way we were not very satisfied with, leaving behind the peace and quite of living in the delightfully peaceful city of Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. Although at the beginning adjusting to life in a foreign country was not easy at all, once we got most of our things set up, it was total relaxation. As for me, as an exchange teacher, every single school day was a day of training: teaching, adjusting to classroom rules, school rules, talking to colleagues, administrators, office ladies, attendance, guidance department, sport coaches, to the school´s deputy YES the police officer!!, cafeteria people or to Hazel, the sweet lady who used to do the classroom´s cleaning, ALL OF THEM became part of my daily growing professional development. Now, my CPD takes place here:

That is the reason why I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had to keep on learning and growing in order to be a better educator anywhere I am. All those who take the time to read this post know whom I am addressing and giving THANKS! Thankful, Proud, Grateful today and always!!

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