My post for Teaching Village: "Using Cell Phones In The Classroom When Computers Are Not Available"

Some time after I had read "I am not just a teacher" on Cecilia Lemos´blog, and watched her online (a very passionate and thought provoking talk at IATEFL 2013),  I really don´t know if these words belong to her, but they CERTAINLY came in the right moment, a moment of reflection. This quote has been in my mind since then and now, that I am more  convinced than ever that I am not just a teacher, it seems that there is something in the air calling me, signs shining in front of me,  even voices whispering in my ear: "Fabiana your best choice was  to share all your work, the product of all what you have done with your students along these twenty-six years!". Isn´t that a long time? It really is, taking into account that I was just 23 when I made my debut as an EFL teacher, so... you DO the Math :)). Technology has helped me a whole lot these past years and long gone are those days watching my students´own videos on the VCR!

New challenges, experiences and even risks or bad times have made my life as an educator richer and more interesting.

As I said, reading the News Feed on Facebook, below is the type of sign I mentioned before, in this case posted by Edutopia and shared by Venspired.
I can assure you, I was not the only one to share this fabulous quote/poster! (properly asked for permission first!)

So here I am, proudly blogging one more time about my recent post, not long after I was interviewed by the fantastic Vicky Lorasco-founder of The Loras English Network together with her 

sister Eugenia Loras.

My latest post and huge honor was writing to share some of my experiences as a teacher of English as A Foreign Language for Teaching Village, thanks to  Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto´s invitation.

This is what Barbara who for me does not need my introduction, posted :

This is the link to the post:

Now I am "sitting on the dock of the bay..." on my way to thinking all I can do in return...to thank those who have inspired and supported me...

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