Soon after I was accepted to be a volunteer blogger for Manchester Online 2015,

a mixture of feelings (fear, happiness, regret, sadness, excitement) has haunted my mind, and inspired me to start reflecting about this wonderful opportunity to watch such an interesting event online, to see the great people from my Personal Learning Network (PLN) walking and talking like the human beings I imagine they are when we interact online. 

How far does this miracle of Internet, live streaming and chatting is narrowing the world of communication nowadays? Here is where imagination, fantasy and desires come to life: 

Everything in the conference seems to be so well organized and neat! 

A Welcome video with Rob Lewis one of the presenters, together with Kirsteen Donaghy and Nik Peachey, reporting live and giving a brief summary of what comes next.

A Meet the Team video clip with the three presenters talking about their expectations of the Conference.

Video interviews´ links below

Just wishing to watch more tomorrow, share my post with good friends, educators, trainers, writers like the ones on the pictures above, because I suppose they must be sleeping now. (7:30 pm Buenos Aires-11:30 pm UK).

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