Why Go Global?

During 2015 many positive and negative things happened in my personal and professional life, but still, undoubtedly, I have preferred to #TrendThePositive no matter what. This feeling of positivity and this type of mindset have helped to keep going in the educational-connected world I have been part of, for the past fifteen years or so.

Right now, I am getting ready to present at the Global Education Conference 2016 for a fourth time: this time is special: my presentations will be in Spanish and English, something I have never done before.

Global Education Conference 2016: Online and Free

Sharing what I do in class has not only made me a much better educator but also my experience has been very rewarding: connecting my students with others around the world asynchronously has been exciting and very enriching for both sides.

Looking for pictures to include in my slides, I came across one of the most emotional ones I have taken lately, and that one was with Mr Mohamed Sidibay, a former child soldier from Sierra Leone, now a senior at George Washington University studying Peace and Conflict Resolution, who was one of the Keynote speakers at iEARN Brazil Brasilia 2015 and brought tears to my eyes, touched my heart with his unbelievable story and enlightened us with his peace speech.

Mr Mohamad Sidibay and me, Fabiana Casella at iEARN Brazil-Brasilia 2016

Mohamad´s life story, featured in the My Hero Project is one of the most striking ones anyone can hear, or anyone can survive. He is a full role model to follow by many young people and why not teenagers wasting their valuable time and lives not doing something positive for themselves and/or for the world.