IATEFL2017-GLASGOW Plenary Session Gabriel Díaz Maggioli: Empowering Teachers

When I met Judy Wong face to face, whom I had to pleasure to share our thoughts in Shelly Terrell´s 30Goals Online Conference, in New York last February, one of her first questions were: Are you going to TESOL? Are you going to Glasgow?. During the long, friendly talk we had on the subway headed to see a Bluegrass Concert, and as if we had known each other for a long time, she told me she strongly wanted to go to IATEFL2017 because one of the Plenary Speakers, Gabriel Díaz Maggioli, had been her TESOL trainer.

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as writer, researcher, administrator and teacher educator. 

During his plenary Díaz Maggioli talked mainly about teacher professional development, if it was worth the time, who needed to provide the training: the administrators, the districts or if educators had to look for their own path to evolve and keep up-to-date. He provided and compared several examples of how educators around the world started to look for their own professional development, for example: action research very common in the 1980´s and 1990´s. Then he mentioned the last trend: Coaching, which can be differented in mirror coaching: a colleague watches you teaching, co-teaching coaching: the less experienced teacher sees the senior one and expert coaching: the expert teaches to empower and reboot the teacher´s skills and feeling of confidence. 
Also, Mr Díaz Maggioli, enhanced the importance of teachers working together, sharing and showing what had worked for them in class. He encouraged the audience to join the Teacher´s Associations and SIGs.
How To Get More Involved?

All his brilliant ideas on this Plenary pdf.

His final thoughts inspired on wonderful Uruguayan writer, Eduardo Galeano´s Utopia:
"Keep Walking...Find Your Utopia", he said...