Where Has My Comfort Zone Gone??

I have not blogged for many months and now that I am back on track, I will try to make write less but in a more attractive way like never before. I said I "will try"...
As you can read the title of these brand new blog post is "Where Has My Comfort Zone Gone??"
Yes!, as simple as that!, my Comfort Zone has "vanished into thin air". You may wonder why?. 
Please allow me some seconds to think about it...
I am not even sure if my comfort zone has ever existed: Is it good?, Is it bad? Am I right? Am I wrong?
Good and Right, because I am always looking for new horizons: new innovative material to use in my exam oriented classes to add some variation to classic readings, listening and grammar activities, Also, to give my students the opportunity to express themselves in the target language spontaneously, without having a prepared speech or include some use of tech tools. 
Bad and Wrong, because, the way I am would not let me rest or relax for a long time: my mind keeps on working even when I am not in doing anything related to teaching (I am a full time mom, wife, student and housewife, daughter and a woman after all).
I may be Right or Wrong, so at the end of this post, I will think about it more deeply.

Due to my curious mind, and having a mentor-friend like Shelly Sanchez Terrell, I was very fortunate to be part of the first 30 Goals Challenge for Educators Online Conference: a unique event which took place on July 16-20, 2015 and was full of inspirational keynote speakers from all over the world. I had the honor to speak, participate and even help just a little bit with the organization, get some badges and certificates, and now here I am, "bragging" about it. (Nikki Robertson dixit!).

July has undoubtedly been an unforgettable month because the online conference was not the only surprising adventure life had for me: I had been selected among a group of VIF International Education alumni to fly to Brasilia, capital of Brazil, and participate in iEARN2015 Conference and Youth Summit. Once again, a mind blowing experience, five days of whole interaction with worldwide educators and motivational keynote speakers. 

This is not all yet!! I am having delightful evenings catching up with the recordings of 
iTDi and Gallery Teachers Summer Intensive: July 31-August 10 High Quality online professional development.
The recordings are free for members! 

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