Why Do I Care? Because They Matter! Supporting #Teacherscare #Teachersmatter hashtags!

Lately, I´ve been having some deep talks with one of my Senior groups who told me repeated times that every time they prepare a project or a presentation nobody cares about it!. Honestly, I got really upset! I DO care! and they know it but anyway, I was not sure if they were playing the "nobody cares so we won´t do anything" as an excuse because they are becoming a bit lazy now they are close to finish Secondary school, or if they really meant what they were saying. 
On this coming September 2nd and 3rd, at my school we are having an EFL or English Fair where students from 1st to 5th year (13-18) will talk about their Feel Good Factor: they will show whoever comes to see them: parents, relatives, teachers or some other students, what makes them feel good: it can be dancing, singing, drawing, weight-lifting, exercising, playing a sport or taking photographs. The general idea is to make them use the foreign language in a different context and enjoy themselves at least for some minutes over those two days. 

Consequently, and to our surprise, it has been an amazing week of preparation and rehearsals since this group understood we were all going to see how they matter to all of us and they especially matter to me as my choice, and not as "a strategy or only for this event". 

I would like to add that if I´m still teaching with so much energy it´s not only because I get fuel from inspirational speakers and leaders on a daily basis, but also because I love to see my students progress, shine and grow.
Since the moment I heard Angela Maiers saying "You Are A Genius And The World Needs Your Contribution" during her Keynote at RSCON4 (where I was invited to present for the very first time in my life by our EduGoalGuru Shelly Sanchez Terrell)started to read Angela´s blog posts, and came across the YOU MATTER Manifesto, I realized that what I have been thinking all my life came to words so easily and in a matter of seconds: I have cared about my students since day one, since my first day of teaching and have become even more sensitive since I got pregnant with my first child: Every student in my classroom is someone else´s baby and I would like my own children to be respected and treated fairly in their classes, too. So, every time I step into one of my classrooms, I try with all my heart to do what I think and feel.

By saying this I am not trying to copy Angela, I am only quoting her. I´m just quoting someone who had to go through pain and be brave to overcome the saddest moment anyone can experience and is still standing. She is an example of how a person who suffers can turn that pain into something really positive: her passionate talks give hope to those who think they are not important in this world. 
Like her, I truly believe we are all unique and our "uniqueness" makes us special. So, let´s spread the word among our youths and try to make them understand they are unique and special.
Let´s turn our students´ passions into learning so that they can feel motivated enough to keep on learning and coming to school.
Let´s show them we DO care.
We are all in this together: educators, families and society itself.

I would like to give credit and Thank with all my heart those that gave me the possibility to become a global educator: VIF International Education and even those that passed the laws that make J1 visa holders come back to their home countries, because if I hadn´t returned to live in Argentina, I would have never started: 
1. Blogging.
2. Building a Fantastic PLN.
3. Connecting with teachers around the world, YES the whole world: all the Continents!.
4. Working on my PD on a daily basis.
5. Studying a post-graduate specialization course on ICT and Education.
6. Reflecting on my own teaching practices.
7. Interacting on Social Media.
8.Thinking of becoming a Teacher Trainer or teacherpreneur.
9. ...pending
10. ...pending

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