#30Goals Cycle 6 Goal #9: Share Your EdTech Success Story

I haven´t realized that I could use one of my projects Cyberbullying, Online Safety and Digital Citizenship to fit this goal!

This time I am sharing the Padlet wall where you can see my students´ word clouds and hopefully listen to their recorded opinions. 


As they were a very nice group, they would try to use the application or any tech tool I would ask them to. In this case I decided to try Vocaroo, voice recorder. Most of them were able to record, but FORTUNATELY some others just used their Smartphones, sent me the file through our Edmodo group, and finally I uploaded the recording on Padlet ( I had to convert some of the audio files, i.e.: those made on Blackberry phones). I said fortunately, because as an online tool, Vocaroo is very simple to use but the audio is not kept for a long time. So, as a consequence and with much regret, I lost some of their precious recordings!. 
The lesson started with some:
-Brainstorming on bullying and cyberbullying, differences between the two words, how these crimes are committed, causes and consequences. How we can stay protected online, especially them, who were and still are minors. (One variation can be ask them to write down a list of words specific vocabulary and definitions).
-Oral discussion in small groups using the ideas and vocabulary.
We watched the first segment of the film "Cyberbully" starring Emily Osment and Kelly Rowan. 
Later, I asked my students to:
-Finish watching the film on their own.
-Record a 1 or 11/2 minute comment on the main topic and the film.(following the instructions I explained above) 
-Build a word cloud with the vocabulary (using WorditOut, , Wordle, ABCya) and upload it on Padlet or send it to me on our Edmodo group.

The following class, we went to the media room and shared all their works and read some articles from the StopBully.org webpage.

This is the link to the Padlet wall: http://padlet.com/fabianacasella/tht5uhr6r5

Hope you find this useful!  Let me know if you ever try to do this project! (the film is no longer available on YouTube but you can easily get the dvd with English audio and subtitles).

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