What´s Your Story? Blog Challenge by Vicky Loras

Before I was honored to be interviewed by Vicky Loras for her blog, I had the feeling I had been telling my story as a teacher many, many times to the point that I had made my audience get bored or maybe not making my life experience convincing enough. 

I was wrong. There were some awesome people, educators, mentors out there in the virtual world who believed in me and my work as a modest, simple teacher of English as a Foreign Language, fighting back a sort of disappointment and disbelief, should I call it a state of depression? after I had taught in a first world environment and facing "Third World country" reality once again.
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I hope you can understand much better what I am trying to say by clicking on the following links:

Here you can read Vicky´s interview, where I reveal some of my magic tricks to combine my life as a full-time mom and passionate educator always looking for new challenges: http://vickyloras.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/an-amazing-argentinian-teacher-and-class-an-interview-with-fabiana-casella-flcasella/

I have blogged about my experience as a cultural exchange teacher in the USA before, but if you have not read about it,  you can find out ALL about it here on this 1st part: http://all4efl.blogspot.com.ar/2013/07/my-life-in-usa-as-foreign-teacher.html and the 2nd one here: http://all4efl.blogspot.com.ar/2013/10/my-life-in-usa-as-cultural-exchange.html

I simply would like to dedicate this post to Vicky Loras, of course, but also to two special people who believed in me and encouraged me to keep on working hard despite the difficulties: Shelly Sanchez Terrell http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/202342?present=true and Sylvia Guinan http://www.sylviasenglishonline.org/.

Thank you for  the image, Krissy Venosdale!

There were a couple of two great authors who featured part of my work: 
Barbara Hoskins, who invited me to write for Teaching Village  http://www.teachingvillage.org/2014/02/05/using-cell-phones-in-the-classroom-when-computers-are-not-available-by-fabiana-casella/

Also, Ken Wilson, who presented part of my students´ work for his keynote speech at IATEFL 2014 http://gisig.iatefl.org/event/harrogate-2014/can-global-issues-provide-authenticity-and-context-in-english-teaching-ken-wilson

I cannot be more Thankful, Grateful and Honored! Attitude is what counts!

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